Why you should consider buying a Muller Martini machine?

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Why-you-should-consider-buying-a-Muller-Martini-machineThose who have a business opportunity or want to improve the quality of their printed products should consider buying Muller Martini machines. There are many reasons for doing this, some of the most important reffering to qualities that these printing machines have. Muller Martini is a world leader in the production of comercial printers, book printers and printing equipment of variable size web offset presses.

The ergonomics of the Muller Martini machines is an important advantage which makes them easy to operate and helps clients carry out complex operations every day. The types of products which can be obtained with Muller Martini machines involve a lot of domains. They cover products such as those used in pharmaceutics, security and packages. Moreover, the client will have a finished product which includes many operations that are carried out even in a customizable form.

There are a lot of domains in which Muller Martini machines can prove very useful. In our days many companies require protection of personal data of their clients and want products of a very good quality which can also offer the highest security. Some of the most important clients are governments throughout the world, the necessity to offer a safe process of production and protection of personal data being an essential requirement of this type of client.

Some of the Muller Martini machines that can be used successfully in many fields of activity are: Concepta (width: 520), Alprinta (width: 520/740), Alprinta V (width: 520/740), and VSOP (width: 520/850). The first one is used mainly for mailings, security printing, labels, pharmaceutical inserts and commercial work.

For Alprinta we can mention mailings, forms, security printing, pharmaceutical inserts and commercial work; Alprinta V offers products such as labels, pharmaceutical inserts and security printing, whereas VSOP can make print on flexible packaging, labels, folding boxes and liquid packaging.

The Concepta web offset press can prove useful both for complex and easy jobs due to the superior quality it offers, easy acces and convenient operation. It is a versatile machine which can print on coated and varnished paper stocks, on plastic or aluminium foil.

Its setup can be made automaticcaly by downloading the necessary data. This machine can also print lottery tickets at the highest quality. This machine can be easily controlled, the entire technological process being kept under control using the latest technology.

Muller Martini company is based in Switzerland, its production facilities being located in Switzerland and Germany, Europe. It has 3.200 employees worldwide. Muller Martini machines can also be used for book binding, stiching, as well as for soft and hard cover production. One advantage offered by these machines is resistance. Nowadays, clients look for printing equipment that lasts longer thus cutting the cost of their business.

Those who don’t have much money to invest in new equipment seek even second hand machines. In addition to this advantage, Muller Martini is focused on providing service to their clients, all this being done to accommodate their clients’ needs.

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