Where and why to wear a cravat?

Where and why to wear a cravat?

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There are rules around wearing a cravat, and even more rules about when you cannot, should not, would not wear.

First of all, why should you wear a cravat? There are many reasons for wearing a cravat, and bear in mind that cravats are not just for weddings. For decades, cravats have a relationship with men’s fashion. Traditionally men wear cravats for weddings. The most popular material is silk, because it is smooth and glossy.

The colors and neat formal look make cravat a very nice item for men’s wedding for generations. Some men are wearing shirts that are not buttoned up to the top of throats, this cravat allows them to create a semi-formal to formal look. When men need a casual look, it is simple to knot the fabric around the neck and wear it under collared shirt with a waistcoat. Where to wear a cravat?

Men have to select an occasion, a fashionable and also good tasting events. In the meantime, to wear a cravat means to keep the neck warm and maintain a semi-formal look.

What models of cravats are preferred? Well, cravat is available in a variety of colors and styles. Being a type of scarf worn around neck, cravat are similar to ties and ascots. It is worn under collared shirts left unbuttoned at the top. But cravat is tied with a slip knot much than a tie. The difference is that the ends of cravats hang vertically and are overlapped, they do not hang down the front of the shirt. There is a wide variety of colors, prints and fabrics from cotton to silk.

In the following lines, we present the correct way to tie a cravat. There are some steps. Step 1 is to drape the cravat over shoulders and neck, so that to allow the ends to angle on the chest, at uneven lengths.

Step 2 is to cross the longer end over the shorter end and keep the cravat tight and snug it against neck.

Step 3 is to push the long end behind the crossed-over knot and pull it through.

Step 4 is to bring the same piece up and over the top and keep it to left side.

Step 5 is to pull the piece through at top of the cravat and keep it behind knot.

Step 6 is to pull the piece through the knotted loop and lay it down on the top of shorter section.

Step 7 is to spruce up the finished cravat and straighten it. And step 8 is to choose a style of cravat pin in accordance with the outfit.

Be ready to enjoy the best of cravats, buy them from the best shops, you can buy them online, too. With a nice cravat, a man will become a real gentleman. The most important thing will be to know all things about this special piece of clothing and adapt it to his clothes for all type of events.

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