What is Visual Composer for WordPress?

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What is Visual Composer for WordPress?
The Visual Composer addons represent a very good choice for those who to use a useful plugin for a WordPress site. This page builder help users take full control over their pages through the Frontend and Backend editors.

It is a drag-and-drop page plugin which is especially useful for those who do not have specialized knowledge in the domain of coding.

With the Visual Composer addons for WordPress you can build quickly the content of your page by using the front editiong option. You can create your content on a WordPress page without the need of an admin panel. After you make your own WordPress page with a specific theme, you can build unique layouts with the drag-and-drop option.

The Visual Composer can help you make your WordPress easier to navigate and use by determining the type of elements that you add on a page. It highlights these elements in different colours in order to improve their usability.

The Visual Composer addon allows the switch between Guide Modes. This helps users to enable or to disable Visual Composer menu elements which pertain to rows or columns.

The Visual Composer lets you control the content of your WordPress page when you access it from different devices. It brings on this market many responsive design options. Nowadays it is important to have a site that can response quickly to different types of devices.

By using the Visual Composer, you can build the type of page you want on the WordPress platform when you drag and drop from the admin panel of your site.

Thanks to this type of plugin, it is easier than in the past to work with WordPress and create the type of site you want and to manage its content as you wish. It doesn’t matrer what theme you choose for your site, bacause, after you install the Vidsual Composer, you can build different layouts.

With the help of the Visual Composer addon you can create a unique site for you in a simple manner. Starting from the theme you choose, any user can build his favourite layout without the need to change the layout builder. When you do this you do not loose the content you have on your WordPress page bacause the Visual Comnposer lets you store it in order to access this content later on.

The Visual Composer addon offers the possibility to any user to acces more than 40 content elements on his page. A complex layout can be built in a few minutes using the Visual Composer.

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The elements it includes are meant for any type of layout users might want for their sites. You do not need a complex knowledge of programming to use it and change your WordPress page the way you want every time. Some examples of built in content elements are: text block, FAQ, tour section, Raw JS, row, Raw HTML, button, empty space, media grid, video player, tabs, tweetmeme, Pinterest and separator.

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