The Importance of Establishing the Real Surface of a Terrain

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The Importance of Establishing the Real Surface of a TerrainDisposing of a land for sale, especially in an urban area were each square meter counts, emphasizes on the importance of knowing the exact extend of one’s property, even if the owner isn’t obliged to undertake land measures (like in the case of an apartment that has a co-property status). In the rural area, for instance, the limits between properties are informally established by fixed series of hedges seen as physical borders, without any legal reliability.

Real estate experts that can be contacted on sites such as highly recommend land owners to realize a professional bordering of their property with the help of a topographer, as it is an important guarantee in a sale.

The transaction is therefore protected and even in the case of the slightest overlap of a future construction that resides on your neighbor’s terrain and surpasses your propriety limit, you have the legal right to solicit its demolition. Moreover, the land owner that has a plot of land for sale knows the real surface of the terrain due to its fixed limits, therefore he can put a successful price on its land.

This formality isn’t mandatory if the terrain doesn’t take part from a larger allotment area, but it is, however, recommended. It is actually the only operation that irrevocably guarantees in the eyes of a third party, especially in a vending context, the real surface and the actual locations of limits of the terrain in question.

Coming to confront a belief that is still widely extended, the cadaster studies only have a fiscal value, as well as the property title, that refers to the information given by the cadaster documentation and that is rarely trustworthy for defining the real limits of a plot.

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Given this circumstance, the law obliges a landlord that places his property on the real estate market for construction purposes to indicate before signing the contract if the dimensions of the terrain result or not from a legally achieved limitation.

However, there is also the possibility that the present borders of a terrain are not actually the ones that were once stated. In this case, the intervention of a professional topographer can reveal the old limits of the land that disappeared in time throughout a geo-referencing system and with the help of a topographic gadget, using the existent border plan as a support.

In a less fortunate case, when even through topographic studies the original borders aren’t clearly revealed, future documentation is required. The property limits should be searched through archives and confronted with the technological studies of the terrain.

In general, it’s the vendor of the land that should have the initiative of paying the limit establishing, but he can also reach an agreement to split the total cost with his neighbor/neighbors. Once the borders of the terrain are correctly established, its value can be finally determined, preferably by a real estate expert, given the specificity comprised by a land that will suffer construction related changes.

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