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The Basics That You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimization

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The Basics That You Need To Know About Search Engine OptimizationWhen you want your website to be found by a lot people, search engine optimization is the key. what good is it if you have a beautiful website with useful information, but no one can find it? This article will tell you about some of the basics Of SEO that you should familiarize yourself with. It all depends if you have the right approach or not.

The secret to search engine optimization is the keywords that are in the content. Keywords are basically words or phrases that a web user would use if he wants to search on a topic. Everyone has entered words into a search engine when they want to find information on something.

The search results that are returned are ranked by the relevance. The more relevant the website, the higher in ranking it is. Results that are high in rank on the first page of results are the ones that have been optimized the best for those specific search words. The search engine crawlers use a very complex algorithm to index words and rank pages.

So, what do you have to do for your website? You have to think about what words are the most relevant for your website. What is your main focus? What words will people most likely use if they want to find information that your website offers?

Write down those keywords and make a list. Do not forget synonyms. You may also want to visit your competitors’ websites to analyse their content. Type in the search words on your list and see whose websites come up high in rank. Go through the website and see how those words are use. Take notes on what you like about those websites because later on, you can model your site after that.

As you include keywords in your content, you can use those words to link to other pages on your website and to external websites that have direct relevance to those words. This puts more emphasis on those words and increases their relevance.

The words that you use for your URL are also indexed. By using keywords in your URLs, you make that web page more relevant.

Remember search engine bots can only read text. Non-text elements like images, videos, sound files, etc. are not recognized. For images, each image tag has an “alt” attribute where you can put in text to describe the image. This would be the ideal place to use keywords in your image descriptions.

Every now and then, you type in your keywords in the search engines and see where your pages rank. If you have optimized your pages, it will take some time for the crawlers to crawl through and index your pages again. So, it may take some time for you to see a difference in your page rank. So, do not be disappointed. If you do see some difference over time, but you are not satisfied with where your page is, then you can go back and see where you can tweak your optimization.

All good websites need to be optimized. Spend some time in optimizing your website properly, and your pages will have a good rank.

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