Is furniture export in Romania a growing business?

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 Is furniture export in Romania a growing business?
Successful businesses involve the sale and export of products or services in as many as possible markets. In Europe most successful business are found in Germany, which is normal as Germany was the largest exporter in the world for a very long time. As expected, top exporters have always been located in countries with highly developed economies and countries with huge natural resources (Russia).It has never been spoken of Romania lately, our economy being almost always “drifting”.

But 2013 brings a pleasant surprise. According to a statement made by the President of the Association of Furniture Producers in Romania, our country ranks 13 in world’s furniture export, the 28th position regarding production and the 48th in furniture consumption.

Even if the performance of the Romanian economy is far from that of Germany, and in terms of exports of furniture we still have a long way to reach the “Top 10”, the results are encouraging for both those who work in this field and for those who want to invest in furniture factories.

In 2012, the industrial furniture output was 1.45 billion euros, increasing with 2.6% compared to 2011. Furniture exports in 2013 increased further, the upward trend of furniture exports fitting in the general trend of the Romanian exports (in the first half of 2013 compared to the same period of 2012, exports in euros increased by 5.9%).

Woodworking products, including furniture, increased not only in absolute terms but also as a share in the Romanian structure of exports, from 7.8% in the same period last year to 8.5% this year. The ‘strong’ products of the Romanian furniture industry are pieces of hardwood furniture with veneered panels, solid wood carved furniture and antique furniture.

The furniture industry takes the brand “made in Romania” in over 40 countries, the highest sales being recorded in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Hungary. Newer Romanian producers try to recapture former markets like Ukraine, Russia and the Middle East. Russia is a huge market for Romanian furniture and the image our furniture has on this market is very good.

What is really important for Romanian producers and those interested in investing in former Romanian furniture factories (check out ) or new production is that Romanian furniture began to be increasingly well regarded in the international market.

After 1989 many Romanian entrepreneurs who were trying to do were facing the fact that exports products “made in Romania” were seen in most markets as products of questionable quality and therefore could only be sold at low prices. Export growth and the acceptance of the Romanian furniture in western Europe markets gives hope to businessmen in this area that their businesses will thrive and the invested money will turn into profit.

Romanian producers’ chances to thrive are high because we have everything we need for these businesses to be successful:  raw materials (wood, chipboard domestic suppliers and domestic suppliers of chipboard panels); skilled workforce and expertise in this area and again we began having a good image in the international furniture market. When you want to export something the image you have is extremely important for entering the market and sell your products at a good price.

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