How Buying Fruit Saves You Money

How Buying Fruit Saves You Money

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Let’s face it; the standard of living, no matter where you live in the world, is getting out of control. Prices have skyrocketed and people are struggling financially, but to add insult to injury, vendors of all kinds, are fleecing consumers.

Those people or companies selling whatever product, from organic groceries, to high-end, all-electric cars and beyond, have lost all sense of moral integrity. Where have their scruples gone? Why do they feel they can abuse prices? To answer these questions would be to open up a whole slew of even more questions, so let’s just leave it at that for now.

Because prices are so unreasonable, more and more people are looking toward do-it-yourself projects, homesteading and bartering. This is where the world is today; in a way, it’s taken several steps backwards, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s a negative trend. In fact, it’s hopeful that so many people are heading back to grassroots’ activities: making their own clothes, growing their own fruit and vegetables, raising their own chickens and other animals.

Not only are these activities easier on the wallet, they are extraordinarily rewarding, in that being self-sufficient is something that gives people a sense of pride.

To be able to overcome this whole, challenging wallet bashing predicament, there are several solutions. Not everyone will have the time or space to do their own gardening and homesteading, but they can still save money by doing the next best thing: let someone take care of part of what you need to do and finish the rest yourself. For example, buy organic, high-quality fresh fruit so you don’t have to grow it yourself, but make your own jam or jelly with it!

If you’ve never done any « do it yourself » projects, don’t feel overwhelmed; this is easy and fun, and could possibly be the gateway project to get you well on your way to taking on more elaborate money-saving projects. For the moment, let’s focus on making jam.

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Now, you already have the main ingredient: fruit. From here on, you’ll need a few other ingredients: pectin, sugar and lemon juice. So far, so good! You will need equipment, too. Paella burners, though are meant for paella, make great burners to make jam.

It’s portable and you can fit large canning pots onto them. Other necessary equipment: funnel, pot, ladles and spoons, jar grabber, jars, rings and lids. With all the correct equipment and ingredients in place, it’s time to make jam!

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