Especially for hard disk data recovery

Especially for hard disk data recovery

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The hard disk of a PC is a very important component. It can be associate, if I may tell, with the human brain. It stores information and according to these it coordinates body behavior.

In our case, computer’s behavior. That’s why, given the complexity and importance, in case of damage, you will not try to fix your own brain, but will appeal to specialists.

Especially for hard disk data recovery, with highly qualified personnel and lots of investments in equipments done Bit Data Recovery became number 1 in Romania for this type of issues.

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If you take a close look at their information on their web site, you will notice that they have the technology used in data recovery of mechanical defects that no other company in Romania has at this point regarding hard disk data recovery .

When hardware problems seem to occur, they may caused by one of the following reasons:

– logical defect, which are the most common problems and most easy to solve. In this category are those little accidents: accidental formatting, deletion of a file or directory or a corrupted file system because of a virus.

– Electrical problems most common because of power fluctuations, or in other cases a failure of the electrical plate.

– A firmware defect – which is separated by the electrical part, although many people tend to confuse them. This area of the hard disk is an information which allows initializing and accessing data on the hard drive surface.

– mechanical defects- can be easily detected due to the noise produced by the hardware from mechanical shocks, manufacturing problems, intensive usage of voltage fluctuations.

In all this cases the data recovery service is necessary. At Bit Data Recovery we have the latest data recovery technologies, and we do our best so that the “can’t be done” situations to be extremely rare.

Due to our experience and the best of technical equipment we can recover data from the hard disk on which other companies were pronounced that they can’t do a data recovery. It is vital although for you hard disk not to go through a series of hands, even though they seem skilled.

A qualified person, such as our technicians from Bit Data Recovery can done better work if the hard disk is brought into initial failure state so it can be properly diagnosed and subsequently subjected to the process of data recovery.

Data recovery is done by specialized software, and as long as you have an functional hard disk, the job can be done. If the hard can not be accesed because of a firmware defect, Bit Data Recovery uses specialized equipments which allows them to enter in firmware area.

In case of an electrical defect, using informations from the firmware area, the specialists can reconstruct the PCB of the defective hard disk. However if the reading pins become defective the hdd data recovery will be done by a mechanical recovery procedure.

The mechanical damages are treated separately, in a special clean room where the recovery data proces can’t be compromides by external or environmental factors. In the clean room, this value of the dust particles is less than 100 dust particles / cubic meters of air.

Unblocking the motor, exchanging the reading pins or moving the platters, these are the type of situations where the specialists from Bit Data Recovery use the clean room, so that after all this procedure they can provide you the data thet they recovered of your hdd.

You can ask or see more about this subject. Before starting the hard disk recovery data process you will get a previous diagnosis from one of our specialist.

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