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LONDON: THE CITY WITH SCENT OF HISTORYUndoubtedly, every country has its charm, leaving a mark of uniqueness for every tourist. London has something to offer to every tourist, no matter its budget.

In a city that you don’t know, time and safety have priority, so you need something fast, efficient and prompt when it comes to transportation to / from the airport. This is precisely the definition of, whose services are known and appreciated by many customers. Be one of them!

If you needed a reason to visit London at least once in life, it is the museums. National History Museum, British Museum, National Gallery or Tate Modern are just a few examples. Also, you cannot miss Madame Tussauds, the most famous and probably the largest museum of wax figures. Theater lovers can visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, where many of Shakespeare’s works were played for the first time.

The view of the city is the most valuable thing that you have on return. The Monument, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Royal Observatory / Greenwich, Tower Bridge Exhibition, Tate Modern and, of course, London Eye offer unrivaled views over the city.

Saint Paul Cathedral  is the largest church in the city. With its 111 meters, it greets the sky. The Buckingham Palace is a building of rare beauty. Its beauty is complemented by Changing of the Guard. A visit to the British capital is not complete without seeing this military tradition.

An excellent choice would be visiting London’s famous markets. A visit to such a market can recreate you . One example is the Borough Market which, since the 13th century, is under assault by simple and tasty food lovers. The flower lovers will certainly be impressed after visiting the Road Flower Market, where you can admire the most beautiful flowers in the city.

The gardens and parks of this fantastic city are famous all over the world. As a testify, there’s Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, a paradise of roses or St. James’s Park, which provides unique views to Buckingham Palace.

A real symbol of the city, the Palace of Westminster is the place of the two Houses of Parliament. It’s bordered on both sides by two high towers: Victoria Tower and the famous Big Ben. The name “Big Ben” does not refer to the entire tower, but is just the great bell’s nickname.

The Palace of Westminster adjoins the Westminster Abbey, the most important religious center in the country. Since 1066, all the kings and queens of England were crowned here.

Meet the guardian of the Thames! One of the UK’s most fascinating tourits sites, the Tower of London is a silent witness of a millennium of history. You will discover secrets that dwell within its walls, you can admire the splendor of the Crown Jewels and, not least, you’ll bring up the past staring at the place where three queens were beheaded.

If you weave the magic of this city with the warm services of, the result will be unique. So open your arms and embrace the life and the opportunities it offers. Your richest dreams can come true!

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