Keyword Optimization For 2015 And Beyond

Keyword Optimization For 2015 And Beyond

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Google chooses which pages to show on the first page based on factors in its ranking algorithm. While we don’t know the exact formula, we know enough that we can look at a few pieces of  information and decide if our simple piece of content can rank on the first page pretty easily or not.

If the pages on the first page of Google have all been around for a long time and have earned a lot of very strong backlinks then it will make it very difficult to rank a new piece of content on the first page very quickly.

On the other hand, if the pages on the first page of Google don’t have a lot of backlinks that’s one indicator that we could rank pretty easily. I have to say that this process could be very difficult to implement by a absolute begginer, that is why i strongly advice you to ask for help at some seo experts, such as, find here in this article about SEO experts in Austin.

Keyword optimization is changing and our keyword research needs to change with it if we want to stay ahead of the game. In the months and years to come Google is using semantic latent indexing and other sophisticated content analysis to identify what is a site is really about.

That means specific keyword optimization is not as effective. But paradoxically it makes keyword research even more important.

“Polarizing” Content For More Traffic…

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Because Google is analyzing content rather than searching for a few specific keywords your content needs to have a good measure of different keywords on the same topic. The great side benefit to people who are exceptionally smart with their keyword optimization is they get to rank for a whole pile of different long tail keyword phrases on the same page. Just writing quality content and hoping for the best is way too hit and miss for a smart marketer like you.

What you want is to have a pile of related keywords you can use at your fingertips and incorporate them as part of your process for creating quality content…

4 Keyword Secrets For 2015 And Beyond…

Here are 3 keyword optimization secrets you can take to the bank that will allow you to rank for hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of keyword phrases… Optimize your quality content for half a dozen…even 10 or more long tail keyword phrases in the same article…do this by simply including them in natural ways.

These keyword phrases should be on the same topic but ideally should not include the same keyword roots (you include related long tail keyword phrases that are totally different). Include some keyword phrases that are just emerging or about to hit the news…new trends, new products, fresh news.

Keyword phrases with “buyer intent”…that suggest someone is looking to buy what you have to sell…are highly valuable and many have low competition. Finding great long tail keywords using these criteria can be hard unless you’re using a first class keyword tool .

Traffic Travis is a keyword and SEO competition analysis tool. They have a free version that will work for checking SEO competition on your list of keywords. If you came up with a long list of keywords, you can prioritize them to focus on the ones with the best ranking potential first.

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